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Marcel Smith  2008-2011

A picture speaks a thousand words!  Owen is our first "man"of the Lighthouse!  His Grandma is the first Lighthouse mom with a testimony to change the course of your "vessel."   Marcel once lived in a house referred to as "Nightmare on Elm Street" where lots of "bad" things went down.  Through the love of Jesus as introduced to her through our street pastor, Larry (as he was called) she found Father's unconditional love. 

IF you need to hear our stories and testimonies, please call and we will gladly come to your home, church, or school or wherever there is a need and share HOW God moved us to become servants of the Lord.


Why Treatment Centers are Important

 By Joe Parham

My name is Joe Parham and I am writing this letter to tell you of the importance that treatment has had on my life. I was what you would call a career criminal and I had been a drug dealer for 17 ½ years. I was lost in an addiction that started with marijuana and escalated to cocaine/meth. In 2007, I was released from Geiger Correctional Facility and was ordered to enroll at SPARC outpatient. When I was in outpatient I learned the “addiction process”. I also learned about myself and that I had covered up some serious issues of my past like denial, un-forgiveness, and childhood S.E.E’s (significant emotional events) that happened to me when I was young. The wealth of information that was provided to me through this program adjusted my sick addictive thinking and brought me to an understanding that everyone is at risk of being an addict. I can honestly tell you that if I did not have the chance of going to treatment I probably would be dead or in prison for the rest of my life. I went to treatment for 8 months but was only ordered by the courts to go 4 months. I made the decision to stay because I needed more and the counselors seen that my need was genuine and granted me my request.

We also had to go to meetings for support. I chose to go to Celebrate Recovery at Community Bible Chapel, where Pastor Danny Green had voiced that he cared about us and that he also was addicted to drugs and alcohol at one time. They ministered to me and I am forever thankful. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and was baptized on 12/04/07. We need you to understand that without treatment centers and their In/Out patient programs, I probably would have never got clean long enough to make the lifesaving decision that I made that day.  I have 4 years clean in November 2011. I am proud to say that today I am a happily married man to a wonderful God fearing wife with two children and am currently a student in the Social Services program at S.F.C.C. I also work with Off Broadway Family Outreach who is a part of the continuum of care in Spokane, WA. We serve the homeless and addicted in the West Central Community (felony flats) or what the city calls Zone 10. Now it is my turn to give back to help the addicted! I would have been lost in prison, lost to my children and most importantly, lost period! I pray that you make the correct decision and keep treatment centers open. Treatment centers Work!!


 Treatment centers Work!!

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